Classroom Air Purifiers

Quiet, unobtrusive HEPA filtration to keep teachers and children safe in educational spaces.

Portable HEPA Air Purifier For Offices and Small Study Spaces

Portable Air Purifier

Best For Classrooms

Create safe classroom and office spaces with these portable air purifiers that quietly and efficiently provide True Medical Grade HEPA filtration

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In-ceiling HEPA Air Purifier For Calssrooms

In-Ceiling Air Purifier

Best For Larger Classrooms

These in-ceiling air purifiers are made to filter the air in larger spaces, replacing the air in your classroom with Medical Grade HEPA clean air every 5 minutes

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Hanging HEPA Air Purifier For Gymnasiums, Cafeterias, Auditoriums

Hanging/Ducted Air Purifier

Best For Gyms, Cafeterias, Auditoriums

Keep the air in large spaces like gymnasiums or cafeterias clean with 99.99% efficient, high-capacity V-Bank HEPA filtration to eliminate any airborne threat

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Air Purifiers are most effective when chosen & sized correctly

Portable Air Purifiers

400 CFM

Scalable solution that best classrooms, offices and faculty lounges. The unit quietly draws air from 360-degrees, pulling it through four levels of filtration. The quiet operation makes this unit ideal for educational spaces, and can easily be moved between spaces.

In-Ceiling Air Purifiers

Up to 650 CFM

Best for larger classrooms and other moderately sized spaces. In-ceiling units mount flush with ceiling tiles and are very quiet, providing an unobtrusive solution that is equivalent to the filtration in hospital Airborne Infection Isolation rooms. By creating an effective air pattern, the units pull the entire contents of the room through MERV rated and 99.99% True Medical HEPA filtration 12 times per hour (once every 5 minutes) to keep students and teachers safe without distracting them.

Hanging / Ducted Air Purifiers

Up to 2500 CFM

Best for gyms, cafeterias, and other large spaces. A powerful motor continuously draws in dirty air and pulls it through a 99.99% efficient, high-capacity V-Bank HEPA filter and re-circulates it into the room, changing the entire air content of the room every 6 minutes. These units can hang from the ceiling or be ducted to an inlet offering flexible installation options.

Air Purifiers for Every Space

Clean Classroom Plan


"Keeping schools closed comes with massive, long-term individual and societal costs. Many children cannot effectively learn, grow, engage, socialize, be active, eat healthy food, or get support until schools reopen. Parents and caregivers cannot go back to work until children go back to school."

- Harvard & Schools For Health Study: Risk Reduction Strategies for Reopening Schools. June 2020

Your HVAC System Isn't Enough

HVAC systems are not designed to filter out viruses. They have low-efficiency filters solely designed to protect the internal coils and components of the HVAC system from larger dust particles.

Viruses pass through these lower efficiency filters very easily. Replacing those filters with high-efficiency HEPA filters requires that the system be entirely re-designed with a larger blower motor to handle the high efficiency filters. This is not done because the size of motor required to move the same amount an air in a building at a higher efficiency is neither cost-effective, mechanically feasible, or energy efficient.

Additionally, an HVAC system is typically designed with a lower number of air changes per room as heating/cooling does not require as many air changes as proper filtration.


A Clean Classroom Is Critical For Your Back-To-School Plan

Clean Classroom Plan

40+ Years of Air Filtration Experience

Introducing EduAir for Schools from Air Cleaning Specialist, Inc. We have been in the air cleaning business since 1979 and have grown into a leader in air filtration, providing the best solutions for all. We developed EduAir to improve the air quality in schools because students need to get back to learning in a classroom and be safe doing it.

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