Get Students & Teachers Back to School Safely with Classroom Air Purifiers

Our air purifiers are specifically designed to quietly & effectively filter harmful pathogens out of educational spaces.



"Keeping schools closed comes with massive, long-term individual and societal costs. Many children cannot effectively learn, grow, engage, socialize, be active, eat healthy food, or get support until schools reopen. Parents and caregivers cannot go back to work until children go back to school."

- Harvard & Schools For Health Study: Risk Reduction Strategies for Reopening Schools. June 2020

Keep Kids Healthy: Prevent Absenteeism With Clean Air.

40% of school districts already need improvements to existing HVAC systems

14 Million school days are lost each year due to asthma exacerbated by poor indoor air quality. Asthma affects 10% of school-age children in the United States.

1 in 5 school districts already need improvements to existing indoor air quality monitoring


Aerosols containing viruses like the flu and COVID-19 can live in the air for hours and HVAC filtration methods alone cannot reduce the airborne risks in classrooms. EduAir is a True Medical HEPA filtration system that was developed according to the Harvard Risk Reduction Guidelines and CDC systems guidelines for hospital isolation rooms. The unit quietly draws air from 360-degrees, pulling it through four levels of filtration. The quiet operation makes this unit ideal for educational spaces, and can easily be moved between spaces.

Clean Air is Critical for Your Back-To-School Plan

Sanitize high-touch surfaces frequently

Wear masks and practice social distancing

Filter air to remove pathogens

Wash hands frequently

40+ Years of Air Filtration Experience

Introducing EduAir for Schools from Air Cleaning Specialist, Inc. We have been in the air cleaning business since 1979 and have grown into a leader in air filtration, providing the best solutions for all. We developed EduAir to improve the air quality in schools because students need to get back to learning in a classroom and be safe doing it.


It is our goal to ensure that customers are 100% satisfied with their purchases, that’s why our products are designed to deliver high-quality standards and long-lasting performance.

As the original purchaser, we guarantee that your EduAir extraction system will remain free from defects in material within two years of its original purchase. If such defects appear under normal usage, we will repair or replace your product at no cost to you.

Please refer to the Owners Manual for more information about our Two Year Limited Warranty.

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